Friday, June 25, 2010

"When I Survey the Wondrous Cross"

What a week, what a week! Welcome, one and all. Sunday was another relaxing day that mainly consisted of watching Brasil beat Ivory Coast 3-1 (although Kaka got a red card) and I also planned lessons for the rest of the week with Jordan. In the evening, Pastor Eudes gave another sermon in the Family Series the church is going through on Sundays.
Monday started off as normal (which is a pretty awesome "normal") of me hanging out with the guys, singing, doing a devotional, and playing basketball. After that, I watched The Passion to prepare for Friday's lesson on the cross. It was unbelievably moving to me to see all the pain and suffering the Savior went through for me and my sin! Anyways, Jordan watched the last bit of it with me and then lunch came around. Monday's lunch consisted of cow guts and rice... Yummy! Soccer was later in the afternoon, another good time to fellowship with the guys. After Jordan helped me write a devo for the guys, we shared a great night of worship and prayer!
Tuesday was yet another blessed day! Started my devotional series through James (a 3 parter) with the boys and then we played some basketball. After, I watched a video by Mark Driscoll on the Immergent Church and what the Bible says. I also got a good nap and some good studying done for the lesson that night. We had soccer, followed by Tuesday night study. Jordan and I spoke on the relationship between God and man and how we were once sinful and depraved but are now redeemed and worshipers of God. Jordan then talked about God and how He is worthy of Praise and a live devoted to Him. By God's grace, people really seemed to understand (through the Holy Spirit, of course). Jordan and I ended the night yet again with a great night of lifting our voices through prayer and song!
Wednesday marked the day I normally leave, but thanks to God's Will, I'm here another 2 weeks! Did another devo on James and Pastor, the boys, and I cleaned the soccer field for an hour. Afterwords, we celebrated by playing on said field. I scored a few goals (no really, I did!) After soccer, I came inside to watch USA play Algeria, and we won 1-0! In the 91st minute! That means that we qualified for the next round and won our group! When the gang got back, I watched a Mars Hill video on the Trinity before church.
Thursday started off with the weekly prayer meeting at Groupo CEO. After a good 45 min of prayer (mostly the on-your-face kind) we went to play basketball and swim over at the house. Later that day, there was Children's Worship Hour followed by the Weekly Men's Meeting. At this one, we talked about following God's commandments and about following through well. I had some of the strongest coffee I've ever tasted (some that Bill said will "put hair on your chest"). After the meeting, the men traveled to Beto's house, one of the other men in the community. He sliced the tendons in his ankle, but praise God they sewed them back together quickly enough that it should heal. We conversed at his house about the World Cup and then prayed for him. It was neat seeing the older men of the community caring for one another like that. Thursday night ended the was most good days end, with my wonderful sister-in-Christ and I giving it all back to the One who deserves it!
Today, Erika's somewhat crazy family came over to watch the Brasil game (I only say crazy because I come from quite a crazy family!!). Brasil tied Portugal 0-0, somewhat of a dissapointment. After a nap, I got my hair buzzed in honor of Clint Dempsey and the USA World Cup Team (which plays Ghana tomorrow!) After the new "Dempsey doo" I played some soccer and did Children's Worship Hour 2 before the Teen Bible Study. Tonight, Jordan and I explained the foundation of Christianity, the cross. Not the "Sunday School, Jesus died on the cross (and that's it)" cross. The cross that is brutal, excruciating and that is a death we all deserve.
Praise God for sending His son to die for us. Praise Jesus for sending the Holy Spirit, that we can even understand the mysteries of God. God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good.

God Bless!
Rob Lauter

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  1. robbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    i posted on your facebook, but i didnt know if you would get that or not so i decided to send you a comment on here as well.

    it sounds like you are having such a good time, good- and productive. that is so exciting. im so excited for you, and for the work you are doing. i will definitly keep you and the people you are with and ministering to in my prayers this week.

    well... lets just say- I MISSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU. oh goodness, its been rough going into starbucks and not having you there to get your orange izzy. sheesh. i really do miss you though, our forever long conversations/debates. ugh, summer is not the same. but i cant complain you are doing such an awesome thing down there. im pumped just reading about it.

    i hope all is well. keep in touch, and keep posting! see you in august... well maybe.

    love and miss you!
    your friend,
    betsy :)