Thursday, June 17, 2010

Voce Tem Um Valor

Hello one and all! The title of this blog is the name of a song in Portuguese I'm learning that talks about the value you have to God and how the Holy Spirit moves through you, which is a very appropriate title for this post!

Got to sleep in on Sunday and then spent the morning shooting hoops with Jordan and watching the World Cup. After talking to my dad and watching more World Cup games, I played with Patrick and Renan out on the basketball court, although I'm sure "basketball" is what you would call it exactly... After we finished, I got ready and went to church. Before church started, some of the teens asked me to play Prince of Peace and Reign in Me (two songs they know in Portuguese) so after some practice I got into church and got to play in front of all the people! It was really neat! After a sermon by Pastor Eudes, the night ended with a delicious dinner.

Monday was similar to some of the other days down here. Started off with great fellowship time with Pastor Eudes and the boys. We sang, had a quick devo on humility, played basketball, and swam! After swimming, I lost to Pastor Eudes in arm wrestling (picture Arni Placencia but smaller, not built as well). After the gang got back from school, Douglas and I shot some hoops while the tutor was with Jordan and Patrick. At 4, I played some soccer with Patrick out at the field. After soccer, Jordan and I planned out our lessons for Tuesday and Friday. After that, we shared a time of worship and hitting our knees for prayer. It was hardcore! I praise God daily for what a great sister in Christ that I have in Jordan.

Tuesday was a very good day. After doing a devo on anger with the boys and Pastor, we had our usual hour of shooting hoops. Once the gang got back, we watched Brasil win unconvincingly 2-1 over North Korea. It was quite crazy every time Brasil scored, just ask Erika. Anyways, that night at the Bible Study, Jordan and I spoke on being a rebel against the world and the ways of this world. The Holy Spirit was very present as many kids and adults alike signed a paper at the end signifying that they were choosing to be rebels and were holding themselves accountable for it. After another great night of worship and prayer with Jordan, I got some good sleep.

Things are going so much better here than I ever could have expected. I have a real opportunity to be used by God to change people's lives! As one of my favorite songs says, "The strength to follow Your commands could never come from me.Oh Father, use my ransomed life In any way You choose. And let my song forever be my only boast is You."
God bless!
Rob Lauter

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