Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday was quite the day by my standards.... Went to the airport around 3 and barely got on the flight due to overbooking. On the flight from Manchester, NH to Detroit, I read a lot of the book of Acts. I figure if I want to be a great missionary, I might as well start looking at the original missionaries. I sat next to a soldier, a signal officer whose name I later found out was Will Martin. He was asleep next to me most of the flight, but when he woke up we talked for a good 25 minutes about his life, family, faith, etc. It was really neat to see a guy so commited to his country. After thanking him for what he does and telling him I'd pray for him, I was off to the next gate.... which was one gate over! So after walking around and grabbing a Baconator from Wendys, I sat at my gate and finished off reading Acts. It truly is amazing how bodly Paul and his companions preached the good news of Christ crucified. It also was amazing how well Paul could preach to his specific audience. Anyways, on my second flight I sat next to an Albanian man named Sokol. When I asked him his views on God, he told me growing up in a Soviet state that religion altogether was outlawed. We carried on an hour long conversation about his life, God, and a good discussion on creation. I'm so thankful for Coach Atkins and UTT class because I caught him off guard a little using terms like "irreducible complexity" and using the "design inferenece" argument. Basically, I had the knowledge to hold an hour-long intellectual discussion with an Albanian neurophysicist (yeah, he has his PHD in neurophysics). Praise God! Landed safe and sound and came back to Laura and Brian's house only to be greeted by 3 of the most beautiful little girls in the whole world! Please continue to pray for the group that God's work will be done and that He'll get more and more GLORY daily!!!

Until then,
Rob Lauter

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