Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guatemala- Day 4

Today was super good! We started off with another early morning before heading over to the church in San Mateo. We were greeted there by two dozen or so smiling kids. After going and gathering all their friends, the total number increased to about 80 kids! Because one of the cars carrying our supplies broke down, we decided to change up the schedule a little today. Instead of breaking up into three groups, we did the Bible lesson about Joseph as one big group. After that, we split up into doing crafts and recreation. My natural inclination was to go to rec, but Michelle challenged to stretch me by going to do crafts. The kids made bandanas with different stuff on them. It was neat to help them paint stuff on their bandanas! After the groups rotated, we came together for one big worship time. It was neat to see the kids participate and really getting into it. After lunch, we took the rest of the day building a chicken coop for a family. My team (team Gaillos) built it for a widow and her family of seven, two of which were married and lived there. These people lived up far away from the village in an even more rundown area of San Mateo. There were dozens of kids running around, and it was cool to see the mother's appreciation after hours of us working. After I prayed for her and her family, we got back on the bus and went home... After chilling for a bit, we ate a burger dinner including McDonalds fries! We had devotions where we sang Mighty to Save and I Love You, Lord and we talked about today. After some reading, we made bandanas and went to bed. Thank you so much for following me so far and please pray for the kids as Brian will share the Gospel message with the kids at the conclusion of tomorrow.

Until Next Time,


  1. I'm loving your updates. Brian said tonight what a great job you've been doing and how glad he is that you are on this trip. I am so glad too. I only wish me and the girls were there too! Love you and so proud of you!!

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated on what's going on! It's so excited to see God at work in you and through you! Ditto what Lala said...Love you and so proud of you!

  3. Hey, this is Kelly, I am so glad to read what is going on there. I look forward to you bringing your craft talents back here:) Praying for you always.