Monday, July 13, 2009

3 Nominations in the First Day?!?!?

Welcome One, Welcome All.

Well, we're finally here! Praise God! The journey here started back at Boston Int'l Airport on Sunday morning, but we'll start before that.

Before I left, I decided to make some eggs for breakfast. My dad, after I had already started, informed me that we were going to McDonalds, so I put the eggs away. Unfortunately, I didn't shut the stove off and the kitchen filled with smoke. ADT automatically informed the fire department, and a firetruck showed up at my front door! So, after all that we got to Boston.

After a relatively easy flight, I met with Nate and the Best family in Atlanta. After some pizza dinner with Nate, we were about to leave. The lady at the gate informed us that there was lightning spotted outside, so we couldn't leave. We ended up leaving over an hour later (during the wait we played Old Maid and Memory). On the flight, I watched the Movie Watchmen and fell asleep. When I woke up, we were getting off the plane, and without thinking about it, I left my laptop case on the plane. This was first mistake.

When we got here, we immediately went to the pre-teen time and got to hang out with the kids. After dancing and listening to the girls teach, we went to play knock out with the kids. From 12 to 2, we got to chill. We had an amazing pasta lunch with "hot sizzle" and then talked to everyone about what we are teaching.

From 2 to 4:30, we were with the teenagers of the area. We played signs, and that's where things went down hill for a bit. I wanted my sign to be "hook 'em horns", but Douglas had it already, so I made bull horns with my index fingers. Little did I know that it meant my girlfriend was cheating on me (I was kept out of the loop on that one). So after lots of laughs, I finally learned from Patrick what it meant and changed signs immediately. After teaching time, we played 3 on 3 basketball. Jordan, Nate and I made a team, and we actually got beat 2 times throughout the day.

After basketball, there was soccer. This is where things went down hill yet again. So there I was, playing soccer barefoot, having a good time, when all of the sudden I ran into the side wall with my foot trying to avoid a player, you know, just an average play. I look down at my foot, and my toe nail along with the top half of skin was almost torn off. It was bleeding profusely and Brian and Tami helped me clean the wound. Don't worry though, "it's only a flesh wound". After talking a walk with Nate and "John Paul", our translator, we came in for dinner and a shower.

Please continue to pray that God would work in the hearts and lives of the kids down here. Pray that we would be receptive to the Holy Spirit and take every opportunity for impacting the kids' lives. Also, tomorrow I speak for about 30 minutes to a group of people about submission to authority. Please pray that I say the right words and that God is glorified through all of this. You know, that's the point of all this, the point of missions: that God would be made known and be worshipped by all. I'm so grateful for your prayers and will talk to you soon.

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  1. Glad you made it there ok. Glad you only have a flesh wound but keep the shoes on from now on ok? We are praying for you all day and when we wake up at night. Looking forward to God's blessing on what you say tomorrow. Remember Philippians 4:13!