Monday, July 5, 2010

What Can I Boast About?

Hello one and all once again. This will in all reality be the 2nd to last post of my time in Brasil! Needless to say, this Saturday-Sunday have been some of the best days of my time down here- hands down! Saturday started off with a baptism where 5 people got baptized. 3 ladies from the community did, including one who once was the leader of witchcraft in the community. Jordan got the privilege of baptizing her good friend Joyce and I got the incredible opportunity to baptize Fabricio, one of the guys I've got very close to while being down here. He got saved a few months ago through Groupo CEO, and he is loving God big time! It's so awesome! After singing a few hymns altogether (in English and Portuguese), Jordan and I spoke to the teens about missions and why we do it. After some hangout time and lunch, we traveled with Copperfield and some locals to VQ, an inland town 3 hours away from Groupo CEO. On the bus ride there, I caught a little nap and got to plan stuff with Jordan for Monday and Tuesday. During our time there, we got to minister to kids by doing a story and a craft. Also, Drew and I got to play some music for the group as well. At night, the service went as followed: Everyone danced with some sweet Brasilian kids'songs. Mark told a short story that very precisely explained the Gospel! We followed that by singing Prince of Peace in English and Portuguese. It was the coolest little snapshot of heaven. As J.T. says, it "geeks me out". Bob then spoke about how similar the Americans and Brasilians are because we are all under one great God! We ended with testimonies by some different people and prayer! The walk back to the bus was amazing because of the picturesque starry night there was! On the busride back, Jordan and I talked about a lot of different things, one of which I call the "Broken Mirror"(something I'll blog about eventually). That was all one day!!!

Sunday was slower but still awesome! Happy 4th of July everybody! Started off with church at IBC (a large church in Fortaleza) with a sermon about Jonah and God's mercy. After lunch, Douglas, Evair, Hallie, Alyssa, Josh, and I went on an hour-long prayer walk around the community, stopping and praying with many Christians and non-Christians alike. After getting back, we all got to go out to eat to a local chicken eatery (if you really want to know the name, check Jordan's blog... cause I don't care that much really haha). I had some great Brasilian food and Guarana! The service Sunday night was Groupo CEO's 1 year anniversary celebration! There was singing, dancing, skits, and Drew and I got the opportunity to play a few songs to be sung bilingually! After Pastor Eudes spoke, one man, a relative of Toim-Toim and Evair, got saved right there and then! The two guys were very emotional about it all! Afterwords, I got another glimpse of heaven as we ended the service singing Prince of Peace in English and Portuguese with well over 100 people present! Afterwords, I spent some time singing and playing songs in the street with the guys before coming in to swim with the Copperfield group. This was also all on one day!!!

Today is Jordan Lee Placencia's 18th birthday, something I'm luck enough to be here for this year! The day started off with me giving her her gifts from her parents, her sister, and myself as well, which got quite a smile out of her. After breakfast and a devo on Miriam, the boys and I were off to work. After a devotional about praying without ceasing, we prayed (duh, right?) and went to work. We got almost the entire roof done in just 2 hours! After coming back, grabbing a nap, and lunch, I went off to construction again. After doing very little besides moving a little tile, I came back for Jordan's surprise party, which I was unaware of also... probably more unaware than Jordan (surprise! haha). A few girls choreographed a dance for her and the kids wrote her a card. It was a very emotional time for many of the kids. After cake and a prayer, guys went to basketball and girls went to soccer (a switcharoo of sorts). Later, Jordan and I, along with Alyssa and Blaise, about being a missionary everywhere you go. This was follwed by some knockout and some great prayer by a few of the kids, including my boy Evair!
Please be praying for my last few days here, that God will use me, Jordan, Copperfield, and the Moore family still for His Glory and to advance His Kingdom!

Image of invisible God
Stretched across a tree
And all to take my place
Oh, the divine mystery
A savior who turns tragic endings
into love stories
This is the God I know
You have overcome, You have overcome deathʼs sting
Celebrate the rising of a king
You have overcome, You have overcome, letʼs sing
The power of an everlasting king

God Bless!
Rob Lauter

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